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Prenatal ultrasound and monitoring

MAKE A CONTRIBUTION TO SUPPORT THIS PROGRAM: $50 provides six ultrasound exams for a woman´s prenatal control.

CAMO works with hospitals and healthcare clinics to provide prenatal education and care to women from low-income communities to prevent newborn deformities. In 2021 CAMO was able to provide 3,370 ultrasounds to women from low-income families. In addition to that for the last four years, CAMO has worked together with Vitamin Angels a nonprofit that provides CAMO with prenatal multivitamins to pregnant women and vitamin A and dewormers to children under five, and then CAMO pays the fees to receive the container with donations in Honduras and covers the cost of re-distribution of the donation among the health centers in need of those products. This partnership is a success because CAMO coordinates with each municipality and health center in rural communities to assure these products to pregnant women and children under five.

In 2021 CAMO distributed among 38 health centers in Western Honduras 7,938 bottles of prenatal multivitamins for 7,938 women and more than 23,000 doses of vitamin A and deworming for children under five.