Faith in Action

The story of Central American Medical Outreach in photographs and prose.

Faith in Action is a handsome, 104 page, coffee-table-sized book with more than 40 black and white photographs by Cari DeSantis and commentary by award-winning reporter Mike Billington. Missionaries, former missionaries, Peace Corps volunteers and others will find it a remarkable testament to the work they do. It is also an ideal book for Sunday school teachers, ministers, and non-secular school libraries.

Three days she walked, this mother with child, to reach Santa Rosa in time. Three days her sandaled feet padded along the soft brown dirt on narrow trails leading over mountains, though streams and valleys, dense foliage and fear. Three days with Carmencita balanced on her left hip. A ragged bundle of meager food on her right. A constant, fervent prayer on her lips. Three days she walked, on faith alone, that the “gringos”, the “medicos de la brigada” would fix her baby´s face, so the child could live a normal life.

Carmencita is her baby, the youngest of seven children. Barely two, she had been born with severe deformities: cleft lip, cleft palette and a facial tumor that worsened as she grew and marked her forever as an outcast from the village society, a child of the devil. In a country so fervent in its Christian faith, superstition yet dies hard. Lydia prayed to a merciful God. And then word came about La Brigada.


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Copyright ©1997 by Cari DeSantis and Mike Billington

Narration: Mike Billington
Photography: Cari DeSantis
Design: Teresa Ewald, Ewaldesign

ISBN #0-9660486-0-1

White Rose Books
30 Clark Ridge
Hockessin, Delaware

Printed in the United States of America on recycled paper.