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Where does your coffee come from?

The majority of the coffee worldwide is harvested by hand, a labor-intensive process performed by seasonal workers who, in Honduras, make only $8.19 per day. 

In the US we take for granted that our coffee comes to us free of suffering, but that is often not the case.


This high-quality and organically grown coffee is harvested, roasted and packaged by Hondurans in good working conditions. 

Our coffee comes from the Beatriz farm, located in the department of Santa Barbara, Honduras at an elevation of 1000–1200 meters. The farm is dedicated to small growers/producers and organic practices

When you buy CAFÉ CAMO you are supporting our services while feeling good about where your coffee comes from.





Medium Roast Bean

Roasted to perfection

Medium Roast Ground

Roasted to perfection

20oz. Tumbler

Engraved with our brand



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